London Film Festival Live Blog 2014
10 great films about making a fresh start
10 great films that deserve to be better known
Bypass (Interview with Duane Hopkins and George MacKay)
Adventures with UK audiences: taking two films by Josephine Decker on tour
London Film Festival Live Blog 2015
10 great rom coms starring people of colour
Where to begin with Todd Haynes
My Nazi Legacy: revisiting the sins of our fathers
10 great erotic thrillers
10 great films about mothers
10 great films by really young directors
10 great films about sisters
Where to begin with Whit Stillman
London Film Festival Live Blog 2016
Denzel Washington: 10 Essential Films

British Cinemas Need to do Better for Black Audiences

The Star-Crossed Stars of Showgirls, Crossroads and Glitter

Dazed and Confused
Interview with Mitski
Amandla Stenberg: high voltage (Interview with Amandla Stenberg and Amma Asante) (Cover Feature, Spring 2017 Issue)

DOX Magazine
The Punk Singer (Review)

Enormous Eye
September 3, 2016, Part II.

K Á R Y Y N is an electronic adventurer whose avant opera inspired Björk

Interview with Saul Williams
Why It’s Important to Discuss M.I.A.’s Headline Slot at Afropunk London
How U.K. Venues Are Failing POC Audiences
You Need To See Jeffrey, The Documentary About A 12-Year-Old Aspiring Reggaeton Musician
How Ray BLK Became The Most Relatable New Voice in U.K. R&B
Stormzy’s “Big For Your Boots” Director On Why It’s So Important to Show Another Side of Grime
9 Important South Asian Artists You Should Know
Gloria (Review)
Underwire Festival 2013 Round-up
Fill the Void (Review)
They Came Together (Review)

Filmme Fatales Zine
Filmme Fatales Takes Cannes
Moving On

Grolsch Canvas
Catch Me Daddy (Review)

The Guardian
Cine-files: Cornerhouse, Manchester 

Interview with Bat for Lashes

What International Women’s Day Means from a POC Perspective

Lenny Letter
Interview with WAH Nails’ Sharmadean Reid

Little White Lies
Interview with Rose McGowan – Interview (Sundance London 2014)
In Praise of David Fincher’s Women
The Theory of Everything (Review)
Still Alice (Review)
Red Army (Review)
On Sofia Coppola (May/June 2015 Issue)
On Gina Prince Bythewood (as above)
Freak Orlando (as part of 100 Great Movies By Female Directors: Part 3)
3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets (Review)
Relationship Status: It’s Complicated (Nov/Dec 2015 Issue)
Julie and Julia (as part of Cinematic Swan Songs: Part 1)
Couple in a Hole (Review)
Mike Drop – How Channing Tatum and Barack Obama redrew the template for masculinity (as part of Obama Era Movies)
Marrakech International Film Festival 2016 Report
The Fits (Review) (Jan/Feb 2017 Issue)
In praise of 9 to 5 and the ’80s career woman

This Legendary Curry House Owner Orders Chips in Indian Restaurants
Ruby Tandoh Won’t Judge You For Ordering a Cappucino with Extra Chocolate
This Home Cook Went from Collecting Her Mum’s Curry Recipes to Writing an Indian Cookbook
How This All-Female Bakery Is Helping London’s Homeless Women
How a Frozen Daiquiri Hangover Inspired London’s First Alcoholic Slushie Pop-Up
Inside the London Dumpling House Inspired By a Studio Ghibli Movie
Step Inside Drake’s Favourite Jerk Chicken Spot

New Statesman
From The Princess Diaries to Tangerine, the best women’s friendships in film
Why Beyoncé’s Lemonade is the most exciting film of 2016 so far

Success at Sundance and a role in ‘Barry’ are just the beginning for Anya Taylor-Joy (Interview with Anya Taylor-Joy) (December/January 2017 Issue)
As the new Pink Ranger, Naomi Scott is ready to destroy expectations (Interview with Naomi Scott) (March/April 2017 Issue)

The Observer
And the real winner is… Welcome to the Observer’s alternative Oscars
50 Shades Darker (Review)
Hidden Figures (Review)
The Great Wall (Review)
Lost in France (Review)
The Founder (Review)
John Wick: Chapter 2 (Review)
Love of My Life (Review)

Cataloging Frank Ocean’s Obsession with Film

Refinery 29
8 Constantly Referenced Stanley Kubrick Moments
8 of the Best Films on Female Friendship
Why Don’t Today’s Romantic Comedy Couples Stay Together?
12 Films to See at the London Film Festival 2016
Why You Should Give That Music Video Dance Class a Go
I Admit It, I’m Going to Miss Girls

Sight & Sound
It’s Not So Grim Up North (Female Film Reporter competition runner-up)
More Bests of Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013
DIY punk: Flatpack 2014
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: Just add music
Prospectives past: post-war European sci-fi
Different strengths: women to the fore (and aft) at London 2015
The best films of 2015 (critics poll)
Talk of the Town (Interview with Cecile Emeke) (January 2016 Issue)
The world since Gummo
Endings: Broadcast News (March 2016 Issue)
Interview with Alice Winocour (April 2016 Issue)
Rushes: 5 Great Jane Austen Adaptations (June 2016 Issue)
Closer: Sundance London 2016
Wandering Star (Interview with Andrea Arnold/Essay on American Honey) (Cover Feature, October 2016 Issue)
TIFF 2016: Free Fire first look
TIFF 2016: A United Kingdom first look
TIFF 2016: Moonlight first look
TIFF 2016: Nocturnal Animals first look
BFI Black Star Symposium Report
Interview with Houda Benyamina (December 2016 Issue)
Manchester by the Sea first look

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